About the Artistsアーティスト

Emiko Aida / 相田恵美子

Emiko Aida is a printmaker and painter from Jindaiji, Tokyo. She lives in London and is a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and South Bank Printmakers. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the UK, USA and Japan, and in many collections including the New York Public Library and the Guangdong Museum of Art. Emiko was awarded a purchase prize from the 16th SPACE International Print Biennial in Seoul, Korea; Japan University’s Printmaking Purchase Prize; L’Escargot Restaurant Award from the Royal College of Art; the Nordstern Award from the Royal Academy of Arts; the Coley & Tiley Prize RBSA; and Bankside Gallery’s Curwen Studio Award. She teaches printmaking at the Hampstead School of Art. www.aidastudios.com

相田恵美子は東京都深大寺出身の版画家。ロンドン在住、Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and South Bank Printmakersのメンバーである。彼女の作品は英国、アメリカ、日本のギャラリーで展示され、ニューヨーク公共図書館や広東美術館などに納められている。L’Escargot Restaurant賞(王立美術大学院)、Nordstern賞(王立美術院)、Coley & Tiley賞(RBSAギャラリー)、Curwen Studio賞(バンクサイドギャラリー)、日本美術系大学や韓国国際版画ビエンナーレなど数々受賞。ハムステッドスクールオブアートで版画を教えている。www.aidastudios.com

Takayo Akiyama / 秋山 貴世

Takayo Akiyama is originally from Okayama, Japan, and is a graduate of the Musashino Art College in Tokyo. She moved to London to finish her MA at Central Saint Martins. Akiyama loves to create detailed fantasy worlds. She works as a freelance illustrator. She was also the artistic director of the Illustrated People fashion label and has designed graphic prints for a line of clothing by Puma, Hussein Chalayan. The second volume of her comic series “Siamese Twins” was recently published by Edition Cambourakis in France, and exhibitions have been held at the Royal Academy of Art, Outline Editions, and the Aix en Provence BD Festival, among other venues. www.takayon.com

武蔵野美術大学卒業後に渡英。2006年にセントラルセントマーティンズ美術大学大学院イラストレーション科を卒業後フリーランスイラストレーターとして活躍。イラストレイテッドピープル(ビームスT、トップショップ)、プーマ、プーマbyフセインチャラヤン等のファッショングラフィックをやりつつアウトラインエディションやロイヤルアカデミーオブアート、Aix en Provence BD Festivalの展示に参加。フランスの出版社エディションカンボラキスからグラフィックノベル『Siamese Twins』1、2巻を出版。www.takayon.com

Satoshi Date / 伊達 賢

Satoshi Date is a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and is the creative director of the fashion design label “Satoshi Date”. He was born in Tokyo and launched his own brand “Satoshi Date” in London in 2009. He blends art and music into clothing with social and environmental themes. His clothing has been used by Sony web commercials and was featured at Selfridges. He has participated in several exhibitions across Europe and fashion shows including London Fashion Week. Satoshi has been acclaimed by the famous Japanese Top 10 Music Group Ikimonogakari. He recently lectured at the prestigious Kyoto Art University, Nara Women’s University and Toho Music University. www.satoshidate.com

東京生まれ、ロンドン在住。アート・音楽を服に浸透させ表現する、ファッション・デザイナー・レーベル  -サトシ・ダテ- のクリエティブ・ディイレクター。英国セントラル・セントマーティンズを卒業。環境や社会問題を訴えるテーマでロンドン・ファッション・ウィークに参加し、ファッションショー、展示会などを含め、幅広い活動をヨーロッパ中心に行っている。ロックグループ、いきものがかりのヴォーカルのツアーコスチューム、SonyのWebコマーシャルに採用され、イギリスではセルフリッジにてアクセサリーを売るなど注目を浴びている。教育にも力をいれ京都造形大学、奈良女子大学、東邦音楽大学などで講演、教室などを勤める。www.satoshidate.com

Megumi Fukuda / 福田恵

Megumi Fukuda was born in 1976 in Hiroshima, Japan. She earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Hiroshima City University in 2001. She was awarded a Grant for Young Artists by the Pola Art Foundation, and studied under Rebecca Horn at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in Germany from 2004-08. Fukuda lives and works in Berlin. In her work, she utilizes many kinds of media including installation, performance, video and photography. www.megumifukuda.com


Taro Furukata / 古堅太郎

Taro Furukata was born 1975 in Okayama, Japan. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in sculpture at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art and Design in 2010. Furukata’s artwork has been widely exhibited in Europe. He was awarded the Mart Stam Prize, as well as a Grant for Young Artists by the Pola Art Foundation. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany, where he has lived since 2004. www.tarofurukata.com


Eijiro Ito / 伊藤英二郎

Eijiro Ito was born in Iwate, Japan, in 1971. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1995, and is currently a member of the l’Atelier Bo Halbrik in Paris. Ito received a degree from the YMCA Center Institute of Design in Japan, and later studied at the Atelier Contrepoint in Paris. His work has been exhibited internationally, and is represented in numerous private and public collections in Japan, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and the USA. Prizes won have included a 1999 6eme Salon des Jeunes Artistes Paris jury’s prize, and a First Prize for Etching in 2006 from the Salon de S.N.B.A. Chateau Tourellewww.eijiroito.com

1971年、岩手生まれ。1995年渡仏。YMCAデザイン研究所を卒業後、アトリエ=コントルポアン=パリで版画を学ぶ。彼の作品は日本、フランス、スウェーデン、イタリア、デンマーク、アメリカで数々の個展やグループ展に参加し、1999年には「パリ現代若手作家展シャトーロンドン」審査員賞受賞、2006年「SNBA ル=サロン=シャトートゥエル」最優秀版画賞受賞など、国際的に受け入れられている。www.eijiroito.com

Yoshitaka Iwamoto / 岩本吉隆

Yoshitaka Iwamoto was born in Tokushima, Japan, in 1983. He graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2007 with a major in sculpture, and then completed a Master’s degree in sculpture at the University of Tsukuba in 2009. In 2010, Iwamoto was awarded the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Award in London. In 2011, he graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins College in London, UK, and was shortlisted for the Bar-Tur Award. He is a 2010-11 Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholar. www.yoshi-iwamoto.com

1983年、徳島生まれ。京都精華大学立体造形学科卒業。筑波大学大学院彫塑領域修了。2011年、ロンドンのセントラル・セント・マーティンズ大学院Fine Artを修了。2010年セシル=ルイス彫刻賞を受賞、2011年バーター・アワード、ノミネート。2010年-2011年、ロータリー財団国際親善奨学生。www.yoshi-iwamoto.com

Sayaka Kajita Ganz / 梶田さやか

Sayaka Kajita Ganz was born in Yokohama, Japan, and grew up living in Japan, Brazil and Hong Kong. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Indiana University–Bloomington (USA) and then continued to create welded sculptures of animal forms independently. In 2008, she received a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio (USA). Currently she teaches design and drawing courses at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (USA). Using post-consumer plastic objects as her materials, her recent sculptures depict animals in motion with rich colours and energy. www.sayakaganz.com

ガンズさやか 1976年 横浜生まれ、日本、ブラジル,香港で育ち1995年に渡米。2000年にインディアナ大学学士課程修了。独自で鉄制の動物オブジェを作り続ける。2008年にボーリンググリーン州立大学院立体造形研究科修士終了。同年インディアナパーデュー大学フォートウェイン校講師就任。現在はカリフォルニア州モントレーベイ水族館の展示作品を製作中。www.sayakaganz.com

Nanae Kawahara / 河原奈苗

Nanae Kawahara is an illustrator currently living in London. She was born in Tokyo and came to London after graduating with a BA in graphic design from Tama Art University in 2008. Her career as a freelance illustrator began in 2010 after she completed an MA in Visual Arts (Illustration) from Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London). She contributes her work for book covers and interiors. Nanae is currently organising her first solo exhibition next year. She is also a member and one of the organisers of the artist charity project Smile Japan (www.smile-japan311.blogspot.com). www.barbaratics.com

イラストレーター。1985年東京生まれ、現在ロンドン在住。2008年に多摩美術大学美術学部グラフィックデザイン学科を卒業後、渡英。2010年にロンドン芸術大学Camberwell College of Arts大学院MA Visual Art (Illustration) を修了後、フリーランスのイラストレーターとして活動を始める。本の装丁や挿し絵などを中心にイラストレーションを提供、また、来年行われる初の個展に向けて準備中。アーティストによるチャリティープロジェクト、Smile Japanの主催者の一人。www.barbaratics.com

Seiko Kinoshita / 木下 聖子

Seiko Kinoshita completed a BA in Formative Art at Kinki University, Japan, and worked as a printed textile designer and CAD operator for four years. Upon being awarded a Rotary International Scholarship, she came to the UK to study Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University. After finishing her MA, she moved to Sheffield and completed the two-year Starter Studio Programme at Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works (the UK’s largest purpose-built artist studio complex). Now nearly a decade on, and still based at Persistence Works, Seiko enjoys working towards exhibitions, commissions and educational art workshops with schools and community groups. www.seikokinoshita.com

近畿大学造形美術学部卒業後、プリントテキスタイル企画やCADオペレーターとして4年間日本で働く。ロータリークラブ国際親善奨学金を獲て、イギリスのNottingham Trent University大学院でテキスタイルデザインを学ぶため渡英。大学院終了後、Sheffield へ移りYorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works (イギリス最大のArtistのために建てられた集合スタジオ建築)で2年間のStarter Studio Programmeのメンバーに選ばれArtistとして生きていく方法を学ぶ。現在もそこでスタジオをもち、展覧会、コミッション、地域の学校やコミュニティとのアートワークショップやプロ ジェクトなど幅広く活動中。www.seikokinoshita.com

Takeshi Miyamoto / 宮本武

Takeshi Miyamoto started to practice portrait and landscape photography during his five-year experience in the airline industry, centered in Tokyo and Hong Kong. He pursued his joy of photography through his studies in Melbourne, Australia, and returned back to Tokyo to continue to explore his passion in editorial and landscape photography. He is currently based in Paris, France, and his works appear in Japanese and international publications. www.takeshimiyamoto.com


Kazuko Morishita / 森下和子

Kazuko Morishita is a freelance illustrator based in London. She was born in Tokyo, and worked in radio and television broadcasting until her life changed when she won a prize for a stop-motion children’s book on the Yahoo Kids website. She moved to London in 2006 and studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and then completed a postgraduate MA in illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts in 2009. Morishita is currently working with painting, printmaking, collage and bookbinding, especially for children’s books. She is also an organizer of the Smile Japan project (www.smile-japan311.blogspot.com) and she recently designed tin badges for the orphans of tsunami in Soma city, Miyagi (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ippo_kizuna). www.kazukomorishita.com

東京出身。大学卒業後、放送局、広告での仕事をしながらフリーランスとして活動。2005年、ソフトバンククリエイティブのサイト『おはなし絵本クラブ』でストップ・モーションアニメを使ったアニメ『クッキーくん』を制作、人気アクセスで1位を記録する。2006年、絵本作家を目指して渡英。ロンドン芸術大学で、グラフィックデザイン、イラストレーションを学ぶ。2009年Camberwell College of Artで修士号を終了。2011年3月、同級生2人と「スマイル・ジャパン」を立ち上げ、ロンドンで作品を売りながら震災への募金活動を行う。また、福島県相馬市の震災孤児救済募金のバッジデザインなども行う。現在はロンドンでイラストレーターとして活動中。www.kazukomorishita.com

Yuki Nishimura / 西村夕貴

Yuki Nishimura is a freelance illustrator and animator. She was born in Osaka, Japan, on the hottest day of the year. Based in London since 2008, Yuki has worked on animations for TV CM and a music clip, illustrations for CD covers, posters, websites, murals and story boards with international clients from the UK, USA, Australia, China and Japan. She is a huge fan of nonsensical art and literature as well as mountains and things you can see in toy shops, which are the resource of her imagination world. www.yukinishimura.com


Satoru Niwa / 丹羽理

Satoru Niwa was born in Aichi, Japan, in 1983. He is a photographer that focuses on documentary work, and is based both in London and Tokyo. He is currently involved in a photo project called Terre des hommes which is an attempt to consider the relationship between nature and human beings through the medium of photography and inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. His work was recently published in The Times. www.satoruniwa.com

ドキュメンタリーフォトグラファー。1983年、愛知県生まれ。現在東京とロンドンを拠点に活動。写真を通して、自然と人間の関係性を再考察することを目的としたフォトプロジェクト「人間の土地」を進行中。これはサン=テグジュペリの同名小説にインスパイアされている。イギリス日刊紙The Times、月刊誌Days Japan等へ写真を寄稿。www.satoruniwa.com

Koko Noguchi / 野口香子

Koko Noguchi was born in Saitama, Japan, in 1970. In 1993, she graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design with a major in Japanese painting. From 2002-03, she studied in Paris, France, through the Japanese Government’s Overseas Study Program for Artists, and also the following year through the Pola Art Foundation’s Overseas Research Program. In 2004, she was selected to participate in VOCA: The Vision of Contemporary Art at The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo. In 2011, she was awarded the 5th Arte Laguna Special Prize at the Arsenale of Venice, Italy. www.koko-noguchi.eu


Kyoko Okunaga-Perez / 奥永恭子

Kyoko Okunaga-Perez was born in Saitama, Japan. She graduated from L’institut Superieur des Arts Appliques in Paris with a degree in graphic design. She works in the publishing industry, writing and drawing for books, magazines and guidebooks on Paris. Okunaga-Perez is based in Paris, and has created more than twenty sketchbooks while studying in France, some of which have been published and include Happy Paris and Happy Happy Paris, among others. She also organizes the “Enrichir” cooking class in Paris: http://enrichir.exblog.jp.

埼玉県出身。1997年渡仏。パリの L’institut Superieur des Arts Appliques グラフィックデザイン科卒業。主にパリのガイドブックの制作や、雑誌や書籍のイラストや執筆、パリの料理教室「アンリシール」を主催。パリを拠点に、幅広く活動している。留学中に描きためた料理や旅のスケッチブックは20冊以上。著書に「ハッピー・パリ」「ハッピー・ハッピー・パリ」など。

Saeko / 彩絵子

Saeko was born in Tokyo, Japan. She studied illustration at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in the UK. Currently, she lives in Paris, France. She makes her artworks using CG and etching techniques, and also designs toys for Trousselier. Her style of drawing is about “a girl in dream world.” www.saekosaeko.net

東京都出身。Kent Institute of Art and Design (UK)イラストレーション科卒業。現在はパリにてCGや銅版画でのんびり作品作りの傍ら、Trousselierの専属おもちゃデザイナーとして活動中。作風は少女と夢の世界。www.saekosaeko.net

SHOKO / ショウコ

SHOKO was born in Tokyo in 1976 and is now an honorary Londoner. She studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, gaining a BA (Hons) in graphic design and an MA in communication design. Her artwork includes illustration, painting, photography, installations and performances in various guises. SHOKO is a member of various London art groups. She has designed CD jackets, London Underground posters, and has had her artwork regularly published in Elle Online, and in Nylon Japan, among other publications. From 2008 she has been collaborating with France’s Agnës b., and her artwork has been turned into various clothing items, and with event participation, the sale of these items has continued. www.shoko-art.com

1976年東京出身、ロンドン在住。セントマーティンズ・ロンドン芸術大学にてグラフィックデザイン&アートを専攻、卒業後、同大学院コミュニケーション・デザイン修士課程修了。作品はイラスト、ドローイング、写真、インスタレーション、パフォーマンス等様々な表現に及び、ロンドンでの数々のグループ展の他、CDジャケット、ロンドン地下鉄ポスターデザインに携わり、Elle OnlineやNylon Japan等の雑誌へもコンスタントにアートワーク提供。2008年より続くアニエスベーとのコラボレーションでは商品を数々発売し、アートワーク提供の他、イベントにも出演している。www.shoko-art.com

Nishiki Tayui / 田結西紀

Nishiki Tayui was born in Japan. She travelled extensively and worked in several countries before settling in the USA. She is in-between, navigating the tension between her native culture and those she has encountered and assimilated. Juxtaposing the aesthetics of disparate cultures on the canvas, she casts light on their similarities and dissimilarities, and discovers unexpected cultural identities in the spaces where they converge. She earned a BA in Fine Art from Portland State University (USA) and an MFA in Painting from Indiana University–Bloomington (USA). Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at University of North Dakota (USA). www.nishikitayui.com


Nozomi Tomoeda / 友枝 望

Nozomi Tomoeda was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1977. He obtained an MFA from the Faculty of Art of Hiroshima City University, and studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg from 2009-10. He is now based both in Hiroshima and Berlin, and plays an active part in the art scene of both cities. Tomoeda’s work has been selected for major exhibitions throughout Germany and Japan. He makes his installations using simple and small materials. In his work, he depicts the trifling situations hidden in daily life and broadly interprets them. www.nozomitomoeda.net